How to permanently delete file/folder before 30-days?

How to permanently delete file/folder before 30-days?

Any file and folder reside in Recycle bin for more than 30-days expiry periods, will be automatically deleted. However, if you want to permanent delete the file and folder earlier than 30-days expiry limit, you can manually do it from Recycle bin.  You can restore the deleted file  and folder from the recycle bin, before it's permanently deleted. Once, the file & folder are deleted from Recycle Bin page (permanently deleted) can not be restored. 

To permanently delete file/folder before 30-days, perform the following actions:
  1. Click Recycle bin menu in the left pane of ioMoVo dashboard. The files & folders list appears. Or, click ioMoVo submenu at the right pane and click Recycle Bin. 
  2. Click Delete icon  next to file/folder in the Recycle bin, the file and folder will be deleted.  
There is no bulk delete option is available for in manual delete function; at a time only one record can be permanently deleted.

Empty Trash
You can delete all files/folders at once by clicking Empty Trash  icon at top of the Recycle Bin page

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