How to upgrade plan?

How to upgrade plan?

Upgrade link in Quick Links submenu at Home page allows you to directly navigate to Upgrade Plan page. After ioMoVo Start-up plan, you can add, modify, or upgrade to enterprise features of ioMoVo and add more subscriptions to your current plan. You can upgrade to higher plan, connect to Integration Hub, add storages, add AI Engine minutes, manage subscription, cancel subscription, add subscription and upgrade your current plan. When you upgrade to Professional plan, you can have access to full suite of ioMoVo, Integration Hub, and AI Engine features.

The Upgrade plan page appears in Plan tab that shows your current plan and other associated plans and features to upgrade the current plan. Subscription is available for monthly and yearly basis. 

The Account management also lets you manage and upgrade your current subscription plan. You can directly access Account management  icon at top right corner to upgrade current account. 

The active plan is mentioned as Active  and highlighted in green color. You can upgrade the active subscription plan or simply can add monthly and yearly subscription to the current plan and add-on purchase of AI Engine minutes to the current plan.
Your  subscription plan can be upgraded from Plan page. You can access the Plan page in three ways:
  1. Click Settings button at top right corner, the Account Setting page appears.
  2. Click View Account option from Account Management button at top right corner, the Account Setting page appears.
  3. Click Upgrade link from the Quick Links submenu at the Home screen.
To upgrade subscription plan, perform the following actions:
  1. Click Settings button at top right corner or Quick Links Submenu at Home screen, the Account Setting page appears.
  2. Click Plan tab, the Plan page appears.
  3. Click Manage Subscription button to upgrade subscription.
  4. Click Add AI Engine Minutes to add more indexing minutes.
  5. Click Add button to add storage Add-on to increase the storage limit.
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